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Hottest skate brands today, éS skate shoes are well known for cutting edge technology, cool design and some of the best pro skaters on their team. Backed with all of the advanced scientific know-how of the Sole Technology Institute, dedicated to researching optimal skate comfort and response, éS shoes are going to change the way you think about skate shoes. Because of their advancements in customer support, cushioning, grip and durability ES has been able to lead the way and stay true to the performance side of skateboarding world.
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Recently I've bought es square one shoes. Overall they are good to wear and for skateboarding. This is actually my second pair this year. I'm actually now dependant on this style, and its even great that this style is not discontinued, I want to rely on long life styles. I've wore lot of Accels and I'm a big fan of es and etnies. Currently I have black and green, and looking forward to buy white one, great for kick flips. If you plan to skate in these shoes, be prepared to buy nothing but shoes with the same type of rubber outsole. I really wish they had these shoes in leather, because the material they make the square ones in tears pretty fast. Also they're more for mellow skating if your skating high impact stuff and throwing yourself down big sets this shoe isn’t for you.
This shoe actually have a style of Air Force One. It is super comfy, will definitely recommend to any skateboarder. They are currently available in black, white, dark grey, red, navy, green, print, orange, gum, gold, tan and brown colors. They are actually the combinations of these colors. Try it today!

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