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Hate you ever wondered how comfortable can your shoes get. Have you ever bothered to wonder if the pair of footwear your are wearing currently offer the maximum comfort. Life is short, you should really get the best products out in the market to ensure optimum comfort for your feet. Research have shown that your mind relaxation is dependant on the comfort of your feet. If you wearing painful to wear footwear, then your mind is not relaxed as it should be. There many be some expensive branded products which claim to offer the ultimate comfort for you, but that is really not the case. Propet is a brand which you should really consider bringing on to your life, their wide range of styles including, boots, shoes, sneakers, sandals, clogs and much will surely take comfort to the next level. Each of their shoe is specially built with multiple technologies to offer premium and cozy feel all day long.


Many persons who are on their feet all day long due to certain requirement of their job prefers Propet shoes & boots to get maximum output of their work. Some people just don't bother about their shoes, hence missing the whole point of comfort. Following are some of the technologies used in their products. One of the main feature is its Twin removable insole, if you don't already know, insole performs a major role when it comes to comfortness and two layers of cozy insoles adds to the coziness. Including this technology there are many different technologies used to pursue the goal of luxurious comfort, including but not limited to Nylex lining to keep the moisture where it should be, Polyurethane outsole to offer maximum protection from rough surfaces. Some of their boots feature moc toe design to offer room and protect your toe 24/7. Mostly their styles are designed to feature the feel as if you are wearing sneakers. Many of their styles include features that are offered in sneakers, specifically in boots which will help in comfort if you are planning on going to a hiking trip.

If you are wondering how good can they be, or if you are thinking that this article is just bluffing to increase their sales, then I would recommend you to read the following reviews taken from a very reputable site ShoeBuy, They feature thousands of styles from hundreds of brand, but Propet is their main priority, their inventory lists the largest number of products from this brand than any other online store. You can read the reviews below:

Stability Walker is a comfortable show. Not the most stylish however a rare EEE sneaker. I'm a HS baseball coach and finding a walking type shoe in black EEE is near impossible.  At 6'10", finding shoes is always a challenge. Although the shoes feel like they may be a half size bigger than I need, since it is the first pair of size 17s I bought, I felt I needed to try them for awhile.

These Stability Walkers are the only shoes that give me comfort. They last a long time and are true to size. I have tried many brands and keep coming back to this one. In fact, I have them in all colors, for all seasons. You should try out Propet Cafe Shoes if you are into mary jane footwear, they are definitely one of the most comfortable I have ever worn.

I had owned this shoe before and I wear a large size shoe and have a wide foot. Since my experience with the first pair was excellent then I got on the internet and searched out a site to purchase this shoe. The price is very reasonable and the shoe wears well for me. I am only 24 and when I opened the box I was worried that this was going to be too much of an old man shoe. Alas, I was incorrect! This shoe is perfect for anyone with wide short feet like mine!

The white Walkers are true to size, but the chocolate Walkers are a 1/2 size too large. The widths on both are true to size. Propet shoes are excellent, have good workmanship, and are a great value for the price.

My husband is very hard to fit with extra wide feet. He absolutely loves the Propet Stability Walkers. They are comfortable right out of the box with no breaking in time required. This is his third pair and we will be ordering 2 more soon, a white pair for our vacation in October and a dark pair for winter. He is very hard on his sneakers and while the shoes have never worn out, he gets them so grubby looking that we have to buy new ones. I have made many purchases from ShoeBuy and have always been very pleased with the service and the quality. The price can't be beat too. I even bought my luggage from their BagsBuy division. This is a great company with great products!

Shoes came in time. They are a bit tight in width. I have had them before and these seam to be as good. I do not like the extra e-mail I now get from this company. I am going to have them put on my spam blocker. The shoes are of great quality and the price is unbeatable. I shopped the internet at a number of sites and not one could compare to the price and FREE SHIPPING! I have wide flat feet and stand 6'3 and weigh 315 lbs, so my feet hurt if I'm on them a lot. These sneakers are very comfortable and I would recommend them. I ordered a 13 4E pair and the width is great. Sometimes I get 4E and it feels like a medium width but not these, they are very wide. The size feels a little bigger than 13. I have a lot of room up front, so maybe they are a half size longer than usual. Overall a great buy.

After wearing substandard shoes for well over a year, my wife finally talked me into buying a pair of these shoes. I stand on cement and aircraft all day. I found that these shoes are comfortable almost immediately but still need a week or two to "break-in". I have already recommended this product to my friends and two of them have ordered their own shoes. I have worn this particular shoe for a few years now and have had great success with them well I should say after having the first pair replaced twice but Propet did replace them according to their guarantee and like they say, third times a charm. They are quite comfortable, I weigh over 300 pounds and finally found something comfortable, wide enough to accommodate my feet. I am ordering two pair, my first order from shoebuy and I can guarantee, it probably won't be my last.

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