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15.00 oz. Vulcanized gum rubber outsole on Theory Skate footwear. Hidden lace option. Designed by Justin Eldridge. Leather or suede upper.
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I was happy to be able to get another pair of these most comfortable sandals at a time when they were no longer available in the department stores. When I find something I like so much, I begin to worry that they will stop making it! Two great things about this shoe: how well it fits my difficult narrow foot and how much support it provides while being nearly weightless. And then add to that the fact that it's not ugly and it also seems to wear well -- this is my third pair over quite a few years; the first pair is history, but I just had the second pair repaired (a buckle came off) and expect to wear them for at least one more season.
Wears this shoe: During the entire dry season here in No. California, nearly every day.
These sandals felt more narrow than regular shoes. You can adjust with the buckles, which help. But they still needed 2-3 weeks of breaking in before I wanted to wear them 8+ hours. Now they are comfortable and I wear them all the time.
Wears this shoe: Driving and running the kids around
I first bought a pair of these sandals the day before a trip to Italy involving lots of walking--not really a good idea, but I was running late. I wore them, bare feet underneath, day in and day out, for two weeks. It was hot and dry, hot and sticky. We walked miles, up hill and down. I got them wet. And I never had a rubbed spot or a blister or sore legs.... Yet they're not clunky and can be worn with a skirt without feeling silly. I'll never buy another walking/comfort sandal.
Wears this shoe: whenever I can

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